Major Events
Major Events Within 25 Years
  • Department’s Establishment (Prof. KWONG Chung Ping as Founding Chairman)
  • First batch of undergraduate students admitted to MAE Programme


Postgraduate Programmes (Research) in MAE offered

  • First batch of MAEG BEng degree students graduated
  • Prof. Y.S. XU served as Department Chairman (August 1997 to July 2004)
  • Department and Programme names changed to Automation and Computer-Aided Engineering (ACAE)
  • MSc Programme (Part-time) in ACAE offered
  • Undergraduate Programme in Innovation and Design Engineering (IDE) offered
  • Formation of Department Advisory Committee
  • The Centre for Micro and Nano Systems (jointly established with Department of Electronic Engineering) established with Prof. Wen J. LI as Director

The Joint Centre for Intelligent Sensing and Systems (jointly established with the National University of Defense Technology) established with Prof. Y.H. LIU as Director

  • Prof. Y. YAM served as Department Chairman (from August 2004 to July 2011)
  • Department’s 10th Anniversary


The CUHK Institute of Precision Engineering established with Prof. R.X. XU as Director

  • Department and Programme renamed from ACAE back to MAE
  • CUHK established the Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Integration Technology (SIAIT) (jointly with the Chinese Academy of Sciences) with Prof. Y.S. XU as Director
  • Establishment of the Departmental Alumni Association

  • The Centre for Robotics and Technology Education (CRATE) of Faculty of Engineering established with Pro. Y.H. LIU as Director
  • The Joint Research Center for Automation Science and Engineering (JRCASE) between Faculty of Engineering of CUHK and the College of Automation Science and Engineering of South China University of Technology established with Prof. J. HUANG as Director
  • MPhil-PhD Articulated Programme in MAE offered


The Joint Research Center for Optomechatronic Design and Engineering (JRCODE), CUHK and Beijing Institute of Technology established with Prof. Y. YAM as Director

  • Prof. Ronald CHUNG served as Department Chairman (from August 2011 to December 9, 2012)
  • Re-offering of the Part-time and Full-time MSc Programme in MAE
  • Prof. J HUANG served as Department Chairman (from December 2012 to July 2018)
  • The 334 Curriculum in MAE Programme on faculty broad-based admission basis offered
  • Launching of a new 334 Curriculum in ENER Programme on Programme on faculty broad-based admission basis

Department’s 20th Anniversary


The CUHK T Stone Robotics Institute established with Prof. LIU Yun-Hui as Director

  • Change of Programme Name from Energy Engineering (ENER) to Energy and Environmental Engineering (EEEN)
  • First batch of ENER and MAEG BEng degree students – 334 Curriculum (faculty broad-based admission) graduated

  • EEEN started Programme-based admission (JUPAS code: JS4462) for 2018 intake
  • The new committee of the MAE Alumni Association (2017-19) was formed
  • The Department presented the souvenirs to our MAE staff for the inaugural 15-year Long Service Award as set up by the University. 3 staff were also eligible for the 20-year Long Service Award of the Department.
  • Five MAE Alumni were selected as FoE 25th Distinguished Alumni


  • Prof. LIAO Wei-Hsin succeeded Prof. HUANG Jie as the Department Chairman
  • Prof. XU Dongyan succeeded Prof. YAM Yeung as the Programme Director of Programme of Energy and Environmental Engineering


  • Prof. WANG Changling Charlie appointed as the Director of CUHK Institute of Intelligent Design and Manufacturing (renamed from the Institute of Precision Engineering)
  • Department’s 25th Anniversary