Message from the Department Chairman
Message from the Department Chairman
Professor LIAO Wei-Hsin
Department Chairman

The Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering (MAE) was established in 1994. Over the past 25 years, the Department has expanded with 2 undergraduate programmes admitting more than 100 students annually; postgraduate programmes currently nurturing 109 PhD students, 15 MPhil students and 48 MSc students; and 24 faculty members, including 6 Professors, 1 Research Professor, 6 Associate Professors, 9 Assistant Professors, 1 Senior Lecturer, and 1 Lecturer.

The MAE Department is committed to educate and cultivate future technology innovators and leaders based on fundamental knowledge, analytical skills, practical training, and ethics in areas of mechanical engineering, robotics, automation, energy and environmental engineering, and beyond. Our faculty members endeavor to provide quality teaching and have received various teaching awards. With the knowledge/skills disseminated and enthusiasm inspired by dedicated teachers, our students have excelled in many competitions and won a large number of awards locally and internationally. We are proud of our graduates too. Many of them manage to build a successful career as professors, entrepreneurs, technical leaders in Hong Kong and around the world.

Our Department also strives to excel at conducting research in Mechanical and Automation Engineering, Energy and Environmental Engineering. It is undoubted that the Department is now in a very strong position in the areas of Design and Manufacturing, Energy/Building/Environmental Technologies, Intelligent Systems, MEMS/Nano/Material Technologies, Robotics and Automation, Systems and Control, which echo well with three of the four strategic areas that the University has adopted in its Strategic Plan – Information and Automation Technology, Environment and Sustainability, and Translational Biomedicine. With the expertise of our world-class faculty members as well as continuous support from the University and the Faculty, our colleagues have received many prestigious awards and recognitions worldwide with great impact on their research areas and to the society. Among them, there are 1 member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 4 IEEE Fellows, 2 ASME Fellows, 5 HKIE Fellows, and fellows of other societies such as IFAC, IMechE and IOP. I would like to extend my congratulations on the achievements and express my gratitude to the efforts of our colleagues, as well as our students.  It is my firm belief that all of our colleagues and students will continue to work together to sustain our Department and create more prosperous years ahead.

Carry on the past, open up the future!