Cable-Driven Robots Build Up Endless Design Possibilities
27 Apr, 2021

In exploring the development of a new class of lightweight and portable systems for large scale architecture and art applications, Professor Lau Assistant Professor of the Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), has developed the brick structure construction system named “CU-Brick”. In collaboration with Professor Adam Fingrut, Assistant Professor from the School of Architecture, “CU-Brick” serves as an alternative type of robotically controlled on-site bricking which turns innovative designs into executed complex brick placement operations.

“The system consists of a gripper end-effector and the cable actuators can be mounted on a range of different environments, from metal frame structures to the walls and roofs of buildings. Its design is performed through developed intelligent software and it will then automatically generate the structure to be built, while remaining within the operational region of the robot and determined parameters such as the number and location of bricks.” Professor Lau explained how the “CU-Brick” system autonomously constructs geometrical brick structures designed by architects.

Go check out the ‘CU-Break’ in “The 500-Tear Quest to Make Machines Human” at Hong Kong Science Museum!

To learn more about ‘CU-Brick’: Click here!