Champion in the Robocon 2021 Hong Kong Contest
9 Jul, 2021

Silver Strike and The Invincible, the CUHK Robocon Teams from the Faculty of Engineering, proudly represented The Chinese University of Hong Kong in the Robocon 2021 Hong Kong Contest. Silver Strike won the Best Performance Award, the Best Team Spirit Award and was crowned Champion.

A Silver Strike team member, SHEA Yi Yu who’s studying MAEG said “This is my first time joining the Robocon Contest. My role in the team was to design the Defense Robot’s mechanism. Frankly, the whole process of designing and building a robot was exhausting, we spent so much time on drawing diagrams, designing and perfecting the robot, sometimes we had to work overnight too. But it was totally worth it. I learnt knowledge that I don’t usually learn from classes, what was more, I was very happy that I was able to contribute my knowledge and strength to the team.”

Another MAEG student in the Silver Strike, NG Hui Yin said “The competition was such a thrilling experience. We cheered at our teammates, I learned the importance of teamwork too. Apart from that, I could learn from other universities by observing and analyzing their robot’s design, speed, accuracy and competition strategies. To prepare for future competitions, I want to learn more about mechanic design and electronic engineering. I also hope we can keep up our spirit, improve our robots so that we can give our best in international competitions.”

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