Prof. Wei-Hsin Liao’s student team wins the Champion of The Vice Chancellor’s Cup of Student Entrepreneurship 2024
9 Jul, 2024

Congratulations to the student team of Prof. Wei-Hsin Liao on winning the Champion of The Vice Chancellor’s Cup of Student Entrepreneurship (VCCE) 2024.

Mr. ZHOU Cong (Ph.D., MAE)
Dr. CHAN Hugo Hung Tin (Ph.D. Alumnus, MAE)
Dr. LIAO Hongpeng (Ph.D. Alumnus, MAE)

Supervisor: Prof. Wei-Hsin Liao

Project Title: Wearable Robot for Load Transportation

Project Description:
Manual material handlers face the risk of developing low back pain due to lifting and lowering heavy loads, impacting their work efficiency, production costs, and daily life. Our project specializes in advanced exoskeleton systems that protect the lower back, enhance mobility, strength, and endurance. Our team has developed back-support exosuits, reducing physical burden by over 30% during manual lifting tasks. We develop cutting-edge technologies to improve productivity and well-being in sectors like industry, healthcare, rehabilitation, and defense.

Startup: ExoTechHK Limited

About the Startup:
ExoTechHK Limited is a startup robotics company established by a research group from The Chinese University of Hong Kong focusing on the development of exoskeleton solutions. We are dedicated in developing innovative robotic technologies and pushing the application of exoskeletons in the industrial sector. Our goal is to enhance the strength and mobility of workers and reduce the risk of work-related injuries. For more information, please visit

Prototype of Exosuit

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