Undergraduate student’s winning project: Automatic Strawberry Pollination Robot for Indoor Horticulture
16 Aug, 2022

The 8th Hong Kong University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

Awardees: Mr. LEE King Hang Henry (UG, MAEG) & Mr. YIU Chi Ho (UG, CSE)

Award: Second Prize

Supervisors: Prof. LAU Darwin Tat Ming & Prof. LEE Ho Man Jimmy

Project Description:

The project is collaborated with Vegetable Marketing Organization, Controlled Environment Hydroponic Research and Development Center. Since maintaining the indoor hydroponic system requires a lot of cost and labor force, automated working machines are developed to solve the problem. We believed that developing an automated robotic solution can perform pollen fertilization in indoor horticulture environments. The tasks included the design of automated solutions for pollen transfer to fertilize plants, and the development of mechanical system solutions. Cameras and sensors are installed to identify the strawberry flowers and the flower position for the task. An AI program is developed for strawberry flower recognition and the robot arm will perform sphere searching to find a suitable position for pollination.

Camera, Sensor and Pollination Tip

3D model of the robot setup

Robot arm with fake plants setup

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