Undergraduate Student’s Winning Project: Virucidal, Reusable and Cost-Effective Respirator
25 Jun, 2021

The 7th Hong Kong University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

Awardee: LI Pak Hin

Award: Merit Award

Supervisor: Prof. WONG Hay

Project Short Description:

This project aims to develop a virucidal, reusable, and cost-effective mask system to solve the pandemic situation in the world. Disposal masks nowadays could only block viruses not to contact users. Thus, this project decided to marge the UV system and respirator, so the mask could kill the virus actively.

The prototype has achieved aims in different aspects. The prototype could inactivate coronavirus. The UV dosage needed to inactivate coronavirus was 6.6 J/m2, the UV dosage given from the prototype was 28.55 J/m2. The prototype was reusable as all components were replaceable. By using a 10000mah power bank, it can be used for 12.5 hours. The cost of the prototype was around HKD 900, considering the non-reusable part, it only cost HKD 0.4 per day, it was cost-effective. The weight of this prototype was about 0.7 kg which people could carry. By improving this prototype in the future, it may prevent the next pandemic situation in the world.


In this project, I have learnt how to develop a product step by step. From generating ideas, researching useful information, to designing and developing the prototype. I have gained hands-on experience not only in mechatronic design, but also in in material selection and fabrication methods. Finally, I would like to thank my supervisor, Professor WONG Hay, and the MAE department for giving me the chance to participate in this meaningful project.