CHEN Yue 陳玥
Assistant Professor
TEL: 852 - 3943 0501
Room 604C, 6/F, Wong Foo Yuan Building

Yue Chen received her B.E. (’15) and Ph.D. (’20) degrees in Electrical Engineering from Tsinghua University, and her B.S. (’17) degree in Economics from Peking University. She was awarded as the Outstanding Graduates and Excellent Thesis for both Bachelor and Ph.D. From 2018 to 2019, she visited California Institute of Technology (Caltech) working with Prof. Steven H. Low. She was the recipient of Stanford Bits & Watts Postdoc Fellowship, 2019 IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid Best Reviewer Award, and was selected as the 2020 Rising Stars in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) by UC Berkeley and the 2020 Rising Stars in Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) by Carnegie Mellon University.

Research Interests
  • Smart grid and smart city
  • Integrated energy systems
  • Optimization and game theory
  • Mathematical economics
Teaching by Years
MAEG4070 Engineering Optimization
EEEN2030 Energy and Environmental Economics and Management

Journal Papers (in the recent five years)

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  1. Dispatch method for hydro-thermal system considering the distribution characteristics of wind power output, China Patent, ZL201810102789.X, Feb 21, 2020. (with S. Mei, W. Wei, L. Chen, S. Huang)
  2. Low loss circuit for series charging and discharging of batteries, China Patent, ZL202023317938.6, Jul 19, 2021.
  3. Energy sharing game-based method and device for accommodating renewable energy, China Patent, 201910886588.8. (pending, with S. Mei, W. Wei, F. Liu)


  1. S. Mei, W. Wei, F. Liu, and Y. Chen. Engineering game theory basics and its application in energy systems. Tsinghua University Press, expected to be published in 2021.