MA Xin
Research Assistant Professor
TEL: 852 - 3943 8475
Rm. 102, 1/F, Academic Building No. 1

MA Xin is a Research Assistant Professor of the Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering at CUHK. He received the B.Eng. and Ph.D. degrees in mechanical and electronic engineering from Dalian University of Technology, Dalian, China, in 2011 and 2017, respectively. From 2017 to 2019, he was a Research Post-Doctoral Fellow with CUHK. From 2019-2021, he was a Post-Doctoral Researcher with School of Engineering Technology, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA.


Research Interests
  • Robotics and automation
  • Computer Vision
  • Medical Robot
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
  • Sensors and actuators
UGEB2303 Robot in Action

Journal Papers 

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Conference Papers

  1. Balakuntala, Mythra V., Upinder Kaur, Xin Ma*, Juan Wachs, and Richard M. Voyles. “Learning Multimodal Contact-Rich Skills from Demonstrations Without Reward Engineering.” IEEE ICRA,
  2. Praveen Abbaraju, Xin Ma*, Guangying Jiang and Richard M. Voyles, “Aerodynamic Modeling for Multirotor UAVs with Nonparallel Actuators”, IEEE IROS,
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  4. Long Qian, Chengzhi Song, Yiwei Jiang, QI LUO, Xin Ma, Philip, Wai-yan Chiu, Zheng Li, Peter Kazanzides. “FlexiVision: Teleporting the Surgeon’s Eyes via Robotic Flexible Endoscope and Head-Mounted Display”, IEEE IROS, 2020.
  5. Xin Ma, Wei Liu, Xiao Li, Zhenyuan Jia, Ling Chen and Weixiao Liu. “A Photogrammetry Pose Measurement Method for Moving Targets in a Wind Tunnel.” IEEE I&M International Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference, 2016.

Honours and Awards

  • National Graduate Student Scholarship, Awarded by Ministry of Education, P.R. China, 2015.11.
  • National Graduate Student Scholarship, Awarded by Ministry of Education, P.R. China, 2012.11.
  • Fellowship for Outstanding PhD Proposal Thesis, 2016.10.
  • Prize for Research Excellence. Awarded by DUT, 2016.4.
  • Scholarship Awarded by Dongfeng Nissan, 2014.12.
  • Scholarship Awarded by Mitsui Chemicals, 2012.12.
  • Outstanding Bachelor Degree Receiver, Awarded by Education Bureau of Dalian City, 2011