Professor Liao Wei-Hsin receives China Top Cited Paper Award from IOP Publishing
15 Nov, 2022

Professor Liao Wei-Hsin has received the China Top Cited Paper Award by IOP Publishing for his research paper that is among the most influential articles from China. IOP Publishing selected the papers from across the entire IOP Publishing journal portfolio within the past three years (2019-21), recognising the top 1% of most cited papers in different areas.

The award-winning paper, 4D printed tunable mechanical metamaterials with shape memory operations, was published by Professor Liao Wei-Hsin and former post-doctoral fellow Dr Mahdi Bodaghi from the Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering in Smart Materials and Structures in 2019, and won in the materials category. It introduced tunable metamaterials with reversible thermo-mechanical memory operations developed using fused decomposition modelling (FDM).

Professor Liao said, “In recent years, additive manufacturing (or named 3D printing) technologies have enabled fabrication of mechanical metamaterials. While 3D printing of traditional materials produces static 3D mechanical metamaterials, four-dimensional (4D) printing of responsive materials adds the fourth dimension as it leads to adaptive metamaterials that, with an appropriate stimulus, change their shapes over time. In our study, we have developed a computational design tool, and printed and tested a mechanical metamaterial with memory operations. I am honoured to receive the award and recognition, and I hope this work can bring new inspiration and contribute to related research fields.”

The award-winning paper can be found at:

4D printed tunable mechanical metamaterials with shape memory operations

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